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Clash Royale Expert Recommendations Article
Thursday, 25 April 2019
Clash Royale Hack Coins and Gems Generator - The only working Generator functioning in 2019 without Human Verification

For short, this video guys, I wish to enable you to guys know about the new clash Royale giveaway, that I am hosting now. The quantity of gems that I gave aside in this giveaway depends on the amount of likes this video gets. So, for instance, if this video gets 100 likes, I will be giving away a hundred gems. Right now all you have to to accomplish in order to enter this giveaway is to do three easy steps like this video sign up to my channel and don't forget to allow the notification so that you get notified when you've been to giveaway and lastly keep a comment down below Saying I subscribed and they'll keep another comment down below stating Google Play or iTunes or whatever you wish to get those class royal gems, hey guys and welcome back to a whole new clash. video on my channel, L and in today's video, I'm gon na, be displaying you guys the best ways to get legendary cards in clash Royale. Right now, as a side note, I'd like to tell you guys that, as a free-to-play player, I've managed to get about 5 or almost 6 legendaries in this month, without also sending an individual penny on the overall game or using any type of gems in clash Royale. So hopefully this enables you to trust me a little more also guys just to make it a bit better and organized. I in fact categorized each and every supply of these legendaries in order, so it's gon na go from the most severe way to the simplest way. So the work so the initial few techniques you might here in this video you probably know them so do not keep the video and state watch before end to start to see the best way of getting the legendary cards without having to be said guys. Let'S get right into it now.

The first way to get legendary cards is to start your chest now. Obviously, everyone knows this: who has clash Royale and today, if you don't, basically you may get a legendary out of any chests in class rail and yes, I know you have breaches and silver chests and, yes, it is possible to get yourself a legendary out of a free of charge and silver chest, if you are a very low-level now the reason I put this as my 1st one is because everyone understands concerning this, and easily like this is definitely this, this method is actually pretty good because you may get in a legendary unpredicted out Of any test, but everyone understands about it, so I decided to place this as my initial one now going on to the second one is definitely to do battles now this one connects to my 1st one. Fundamentally, when you perform some battles and guess you do not understand or you're just new to the overall game, you get some goal correct with the target. You can actually make use of two by Legendary's from the store. Not only do you obtain that you could actually also get yourself a crown, noticed your crown chest and your clan chest, which really helps to contribute more to those chests and the ultimate you also get yourself a possibility. This is how it relates to my prior one. Fundamentally, to accomplish the set stage you have to do stage two to get the upper body, you need to do some barrels, so basically, I had to include this in it, because that is also another method of obtaining these legendary cards today guys, let's go on And jump into the better types which not a lot of individuals know about, but I kind of needed to discuss them now. That one is to buy gems. Now, as you can see in the name, I stated that how to get gems free of charge, you don't need to spend hardly any money today now you almost certainly are wondering how the hell perform you get gems without spending a single penny? Well, basically, you're you men a us. Can go ahead and utilize the third-party applications like money or apps and free of charge my apps. You understand the types that bigger youtubers use. It is possible to use those and actually get a handful of gems, not just a couple of gems, a ton of gems. Well, I'm not talking about like a large number of gems, but you can get some yourself, some gems for free and maybe buy like one or two legendaries with those. So I had to add that as well, now keep in mind you're, not really gon na get yourself a ton of like it isn't a opportunity for this method. Which means you don't. Please don't quote me on that: okay, now jumping onto the fourth one guys, which really is a lot much better than that one is to be energetic and do difficulties now.

Being active certainly links to my first and second one, essentially, the more battles II, the more goal you get in order to buy legendaries and the more chests you open up the better prospect. It is to obtain a legendary. Well, if you do difficulties - no I'm not talking about the grand problems, because I'm pretty sure no f2p participant are able a Grand Problem, maybe just one single but not as if you - know, hundreds of grand challenges over right here, I'm actually talking about a course the challenges, because Classic challenges are extremely underrated. I got an infernal dragon out of my level a classic challenge chest. So as long as you getting eight wins out of your chest, you're actually doing very good and you have a fairly good chance of getting a legendary, because easily did after that I'm sure you can as well so that it the more vigorous. You are the better. The cards you are, and the better you're gon na end up being doing at issues, meaning the more Wednesday obtain the more legendary. Is definitely you guessed you see how it's all connected? Well, that's how it's connected now, guys, let's jump into our last two, a means of obtaining legendary is currently. The second last is being opening up your crown upper body as well as your clan chest now guys you guys find out about the crown chest, so it also links to my previous parts. Basically, the more active you are, the even more crowns you obtain. So basically, you may get a crown chest every single day and you should not be lacking a crown upper body because if you guys have no idea, it is possible to get two crowns in or two crunches in a row. If you don't, if you are inactive in the overall game. But you can't get any longer than that, because you have to wait a certain time 1 day to really get your following crown upper body, so that you can unlock that so make certain you're active and you get a ton of battles and crowns.

So that you can have your crown chest and the clan upper body guys the even more battles you do, the more vigorous you are, the even more you donate to your clan upper body as well as your clan aswell, and not only are you helping yourself out with the chests but you're, also Helping out your clan mates, because if you get a level 10 clinches which honestly it's not hard to get, if you are, if you actually do a ton of battles, you're also getting your other clan mates and helping them out by giving them better cards now contrary to popular belief, but guys I've gotten a lumberjack out of my clan chest. My high grade has actually got a lumberjack from it. So again, if I got one I'm sure you can obtain that aswell. Now, even if you don't get a legendary out of your clan chest or your crown chest, the other cards and the amount of gold that you will get is actually enough for you to save up and buy Legendary's from the store now last but not least guys. The ultimate and the best way of getting these legendary cards is usually to accomplish donations. No, no, you may be wondering the way the hell perform you obtain Legendary's? Well, when you donate fundamentally you're giving away your cards and you're, fundamentally obtaining gold and in trade for your cards, that's essentially how it operates. And sadly, though, this functions limited to arena tens and, above so, if you're, a genuine arena, eight and nine. You can actually follow this technique because you're gon na be engaging in your net ten, no problem in simply a couple of weeks, I'm sure, if you are great, if and if you're an active player, so that you can also follow that, but it only works. For you know. Ten players but anyways when you donate you get yourself a ton of precious metal right. Fundamentally, you get 50 get 50 gold for donating a uncommon car and you obtain like I have no idea like you get two gold for donating. One comment: I'm uncertain about that.

You guys can fix me in the comments down below, however when you donate, you may get a huge amount of gold and that connects to my other previous points as well, because the more gold you have you can in fact buy gems legendaries from the shop for forty thousand Gold, so the more you donate, basically, the more gold you have and the more gems carry out more legendaries you get now merely to support this last point, I'd like to let you know men about my very own experience on in all in one week I can usually get Up to 40,000 gold, yes in just one week, but that's only when you donate a huge amount of cards, like the epic Sunday because, like since the epic Sunday came out, you're suppose you're permitted to get so much gold men and usually, if I'm very, extremely dynamic And donate a huge amount of epics on and up epic Sunday, I'm usually able or allow I'm usually in a position to get something like around 10k court. Small K, gold - and I understand that's a lot. That seems a whole lot but trust me guys. The first time you perform it. It might seem just like a large amount of grinding and all that kind of, but the more you perform it, the even more Segel you save up and the more lesnar use you get form the store the easier it gets. I don't know how it does not modification anything, nonetheless it in fact gets the easier yeah. It in fact becomes easier. The more you truly do it men that wraps it up for today's video. Hopefully, yes, it appreciated again. Don'T forget about the giveaway that I'm hosting, and you men know about that if you did not follow the methods you have to such as this video comment and subscribe by allowing the notifications down below it really is as simple as that men, and hopefully you men will get some I, legendaries and free'm sure about any of it that I actually did miss a couple of you know good guidelines, but trust me men I'll make a updated version about on this a couple of months later on, because certainly it needs to be up to date with the new ways of Obtaining legendary therefore don't for those who have a way to get a legendary. I want to understand in the remarks down below aswell, and I will provide you with a raise your voice if the method actually works now. That is all the methods for getting a free to obtain free legendaries as a ftp participant, so everyone can use these ways right now. Hopefully you guys did appreciate this video and you understand, get some free of charge legendaries by following all of this methods just to quickly. You know conclude this video by opening of chests by the starting of your crown upper body as well as your clan chests when you are active by carrying out battles by performing challenges, classic issues and through the use of free, my applications and money for apps you can get yourself a ton of legendaries. But remember about the donations guys the simplest way that i use and with this technique, i'm able to get five or six legendaries in only that one as a ftp player, without even sending vid also spending a single penny upon this game. Therefore if I can do it, I'm sure you men can do it as well. Well, that's wraps it up from this video the following guys. Hopefully, you guys did enjoy it or learn something brand-new I'll, see you men tomorrow or two times later until after that stay awesome and peace out.

Posted by clashroyaleproguide at 3:28 PM EDT
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